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soft company the authorized distributer for Igaku sale agent of Nipro corperation

With state-of-the-art Danner and Vello drawing processes, our range of gtass tubing is
particularly suited for vials, cartridges, injectable or drinkable ampoules, disposable medical
products and prefilled syringes. Properties include excellent mechanical strength and thermal
properties with maximum workability in customer transformation processes.

Our proprietary hybrid electric furnaces equipped with key instrumentation and controls provide critical data to ensure
melting high quality glass tubing products. Pilot scale test melts or proprietary formulations that meet your needs may be jointly developed.

Quality control spans all of our processes: from the batch house, where raw materials are received and mixed; to the
melting and forming processes; to tube finishing, packing and warehouse storing. Manufacturing lines are equipped with
vision inspection that inspect every tube for cosmetic defects. Our North American and European facilities are ISO

W33-type I clear Borosilicate Glass

Low expansion neutral formulation
High chemical durability
Enhance resistance to thermal shock
Manufactured in Millville ,NJ ,USA



NSV5 I Type I clear Borosilicate Glass

Neutral formulation
Can also be manufactured with cerium
For gamma sterilization
Manufactured in Aumale , France and Millville , NJ , USA



G38 Type II-III Half Neutral Borosilicate Glass

Half-neutral yellow colored glass
With uv resistant properties
Very stable to heat treatment and mechanical strength
Manufactured in Aumale ,France



WG6 Type III clear soda Lime Glass

Withstands gamma sterilization
Manufactured in Millville,NJ, USA



NA54 Type I Amber Borosilicate Glass

54 expansion amber (brown) colored glass which offers
UV resistant properties
Well suited for inject able application
Manufactured in Aumale , France